What We Do

Goldwyn Global Strategies combines a deep understanding of the commercial requirements for conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration, electric power, and renewable energy markets with unmatched experience working and advising policy and decision-makers, both foreign and domestic, including:

  • Ministries of foreign affairs, energy, finance, and economics
  • Safety, licensing and electric power regulators
  • National oil companies

This enables us to provide the advice companies need in order to:

  • Understand and manage political and economic risk
  • Track and monitor priorities and actions of the U.S. government and nongovernmental actors
  • Gain insight into how the local business culture operates
  • Understand how decisions are made in a target market
  • Identify and work with local decision-makers

Goldwyn Global Strategies has developed a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge portfolio to advise our clients and keep them informed by providing insight, analysis, and strategic advice to help companies succeed in highly competitive and challenging business environments.

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